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STEM Coding Class New Enrollment Year 2021

【STEM Coding Class New Enrollment Year 2021】 We are having e-Learning STEM Class since the beginning of MCO in 2020. Many students from age 7 to 18 had benefited from our online program last year. This year, we resume our…

Online Coding Class

👨‍💻 Online Coding Class 👩‍💻  Still having “holiday” mode during this MCO? It’s time to adapt to the new normal for education! At least 1,500 students had joined our program during this MCO. Register now!

Code-From-Home (Phase 2)

  Code-From-Home (Phase 2) – Learn Coding Anytime, Anywhere!  In order not to stress out our students with packed e-learning schedule everyday, we are providing LIVE STREAMING to those who can join & RECORDING for those who are unable to…