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Coolest Projects Malaysia 2020

I-Control Bin

Description: The “i-Control Bin” consists of five parts including two micro:bit, a maqueen, and two servos. It is being controlled by a micro:bit using simple hand gestures and buttons on it sending radio signals to the maqueen. The "i-Control Bin" can move around collect rubbish and dump the rubbish out of the bin.  


Solutions: The “i-Control Bin” is made to help everyone to reduce possible direct contact and keeping social distances in our daily activities.

Memory i-box

Description: The temperature sensor's readings that is below 37.5 degree Celcius is the prerequisite factor for the entrance to open. Motion sensors are applied over at the exit. Whenever motion is detected, the exit door will open. There's a counter that calculates the number of people entering or leaving the compound as well. 


Solutions: The “i-Sensor Detector” is a system made to help property owners to reduce possible direct contact and workload of the workers monitoring visitor's temperature.

River Pollution Detector

Description: The River Pollution Detector has pH sensors that are connected to the micro:bit. It will detect the pH values of the river and send radio signals to another micro:bit whenever it detects pollutants in the river.   


Solutions: The river pollution detector is made for the purpose of saving the water and aquatic life.

Virtual Open Design Challenge (Theme: Pandemic)

AuShine - Quarantine Wristband System

Description: The Quarantine Wristband System consist of a wristband, a detector and a micro:bit for the securities. The wristband has a password system to loosen or tighten the wristband. The detector will be placed on the ceiling to limit the living area of the people in quarantine. If the quarantined person escaped the area, the micro:bit for the securities will buzz and display the UID of the wristband that escaped the restricted area.   


Solutions: The Quarantine Wristband System is designed to help the frontliners to track the quarantined people effectively during pandemic of COVID-19.

Red Tigers - Face Mask Dispenser

Description: The Face Mask Dispenser consist of a temperature sensor, a control center made with a micro:bit and a mask dispenser. Once the control center is triggered with motion and button A, followed by a healthy reading from the temperature sensor, a face mask will be dispensed.   


Solutions: The Face Mask Dispenser is designed for the purpose of safety measure fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona Team - Auto Detect Temperature Door

Description: The temperature door consist of 6 parts, including a micro:bit, a mini servo, a temperature sensor, a buzzer, a light sensor and a torchlight. In order to open the door, you need a heallthyy reading which is below 37 degree Celcius. If it's over 37 degree Celcius, the buzzer will be activated and the door will remain shut.   


Solutions: The temperature door is designed to raise awareness to fight the virus COVID-19.

Conquerors - Students Presence Detector

Description: The Student Presence Detector is use to detect the students that are not paying attention when attending online classes. The teacher will send out a random variable from his/her micro:bit when he/she press a button. The students that is not paying attention in the class will not know how to answer the variable.   


Solutions: The Student Presence Detector is designed to help the teachers monitor their student during distance learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Explorers - Social Distance micro:bit

Description: The social distance micro:bit gadget that beeps whenever you are not keeping 1 metre from someone by transmitting radio signals thru each other.   


Solutions: The project aims to helps the schools to keep their students in a safe social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adventurers - Face Mask Detector

Description: The face mask detector that beeps whenever you take off / not wearing your mask properly on your face.   


Solutions: The face mask detector helps people to raise awareness in wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Achievers - Mask Detector

Description: The “Mask Detector” is designed to be placed in a compound / house, it will remind the user to take mask before heading out of the compound / house thru a beeping sound whenever mask is not taken.   


Solutions: The “Mask Detector” is designed to be a good reminder for people to wear their mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Discoverers - Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Description: The “Automatic Hand Sanitizer” will automatic spray the hand sanitizer whenever it detects movement near the opening of the spray.   


Solutions: The automatic hand sanitizer is designed to have your hand sanitizer on hand with much less human contact.

Bring Maqueen Home School Tour

Sumo Maqueen

Description: Students remote controlling their maqueen by using micro:bit's radio communication to push out other maqueens outside the ring. 


Night Mode Dancing Maqueen

Description: Students personalize their maqueens with neopixels that's underneath the maqueen's body. Movements and colors are being design and coded by the students.




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