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STEM Education Talk / Roadshows

  • Open Invitation for Schools or Institutions
  • STEM education topic sharing
  • Increase public awareness about STEM education
  • Free of charge
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Swisspac@Edu is not only an education provider but also a social enterprise focusing on children / youth programming education. Regardless on the contribution in education, teachers' training, policy and education resources, we spare no effort but to help local society to bridge the gap between our local STEM education system and international STEM education system. Swisspac@Edu like social enterprises in advanced countries, will return profits to the society by means of "open courses", "teachers' training", and "subsidies for students in need" in the future, and by giving free talk sharing and roadshows are our first baby steps to reach that goal. We are expecting to bring a positive life cycle to Malaysia's STEM education!
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