Code-From-Home (Phase 2)


Code-From-Home (Phase 2) - Learn Coding Anytime, Anywhere! 

In order not to stress out our students with packed e-learning schedule everyday, we are providing LIVE STREAMING to those who can join & RECORDING for those who are unable to join LIVE!

We have 2 types of package for you to choose as a start up for your coding journey:

    • Maqueen - Learn Coding thru Robotic
    • BOSON - Learn Coding thru Internet of Things

Package B will have continuous classes after these 6 classes. It's a longer learning pathway for your coding knowledge.

If you had bought any tool kits that listed above from us, you can join this event by top-up the remaining fees as shown above.

Eg: Package B (RM499) - micro: bit (RM109) = RM390

We will delivery the rest of the items to you~

Registration Link:

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